Master's Automation

Automation Keypad

Automation Keypad

Automate the most boring work

Use 36 of your own custom lists of actions to simulate keyboard and mouse input. Simulate anything from a single keystroke to a complex workflow with loops. With some creativity this device can easily be used like cheat codes for data entry jobs and to automate the most time consuming and robotic tasks on the computer.

No Programming Required

Save our configuration page and take it with you everywhere to quickly generate keypad configurations for any use case. Access to the configuration page is free forever and as it improves, so does the functionality of the automation keypad. All you need to upload the configuration to the device is a computer with the Arduino IDE.

* Prototype pictured, production model includes a kill switch to restrict input and a switch to a add a second configuration to each key (like a 2nd button on a calculator)

** No programming is required but the automation keypad is essentially an Arduino shield and can be programmed to exceed the functionality of the configuration page.