Master's Automation

Server Administration

No matter what computing service you need, or where you need it, Master's Automation can help you deploy it there. Whether you require on-premise servers for maximum control and security, or leverage the flexibility and scalability of the cloud, we have the expertise to ensure your servers are operating at peak performance.

The Backbone of Automation

At Master's Automation, we understand the critical role servers play in powering your business. That's why we offer comprehensive server management services, tailored to your specific needs and environment. Whether your business requires on-premise servers for maximum control and security, or you need to leverage the flexibility and scalability of the cloud, we can ensure we'll have your servers and services operating with peak performance, security, and durability.

On-Prem Servers

We can help you select a system or build one from the ground up before deploying it wherever you need it. Master's Automation can bring you everything from high power virtualization to just a computer on a chip.

Remote Hands

Just need someone to touch up your server rack? Don't want to waste an employee's time with a trip to the datacenter? We provide a ''Remote Hands'' service to manage your servers when you can't or don't want to.

Virtual Servers

Companies of all sizes are starting to realize the immense power of the cloud. Master's Automation is certified to bring you cost and compute efficient solutions using single and multi-cloud server architectures.


The term ''Serverless'' is a bit of a misnomer. Computing hasn't changed, we still need servers, but who uses their own these days? Many cloud services charge you only for what you use, and offer generous free tiers for small and medium businesses allowing you to easily scale your resource allocation and spending based on client demand.

We've already deployed our own SaaS apps with serverless architecture and are masters of infrastructure-as-code and full stack development. Whether you have a serverless architecture in place already or need one just for you, Master's Automation can help you get where you need to go.