Master's Automation

Product Testing

We can ensure that your product exceeds customer and business requirements

Pre-Construction Tests


Validation Testing

Is this something your end users even want? Who exactly should you market this to? Do some demographics care more about some features than others? These are all questions Master's Automation can answer for you by performing product validation testing. By designing sociological experiments regarding your product and collecting this end user data we can calculate how your product can make the biggest splash during launch.

Simluated Testing

Once a 3d model of your product has been created many computerized tests can be performed before material is even bought. Aerodynamic, Thermodynamic, Failure Analysis and more can all be accurately estimated with only a well defined product model.

Simluated Tests

Post-Construction Tests

Stress Testing

Stress Testing

Ensure that your product can hold up to everything you think end users will throw at it. Master's Automation will determine exactly when your product fails and we can recommend what changes can be made to increase a part's performance.

Endurance Testing

Master's Automation can determine how long your product will last in terms of cycles. A mechanism is crafted to simulate prescribed usage of your product but on a fairly constant basis. Your product is either run until failure or the degredation of wear parts is measured to estimate it's lifetime.

Endurance Testing
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Validation Testing

Take it full circle with another validation testing phase. Master's Automation determines what your end users actually think of the product, what it's major shortcomings are to be improved on in the next iteration, and where your product dominates the market so that you don't lose touch with your core userbase.