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Robotic Process Automation

Complete simple, rule based, digital processes by simulating user input.

In short, Robotic Process Automation is the technique of writing a program that can read and interact with what is on the screen in the same way that a user does. While RPA is and should only be used as a last resort for processes that cannot be automated with traditional programming, RPA truly opens up the possibilties of virtual automation to all of your favorite uncooperative programs that are essential to your business.

Enter Data

Using any method or interface that your team already has in place

Collect Data

From the internet, a word document, photos, databases, anywhere

Manage Data

Inside of CAD programs, takeoff software, or any other desktop UI

Save Time

Relieve your team of repetetive mindless tasks, like data entry and more

Master's Automation can help you evaluate the processes your business is composed of, and help determine what role automation technology could play at your business.

Is your process ready for automation?



Anything that the program needs to type, click, or interact with will need to be supplied in a very predictable manner. Reading data from a list in an excel spreadsheet, walking through calendar events, or even following a filesystem folder tree are all great starting points.


Watch as the mouse and keyboard move with robotic speed and accuracy, using calendar events to manage project files in an application, downloading product drawings based on part numbers in a BOM, and much more.

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