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Artificial Intelligence At Work

While many companies claim to be approaching a true Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) that will express human traits with theoretically boundless throughput and memory, the current state of AI is more like intelligent microservices. Integrators like Master's Automation can use different inference models as black-box style transformers to provide value added services in the form of model swarms and by chaining the transformations of different models together. Here are some ways that we have integrated inference models for our clients:

Customer Interaction

Use Large Language Models to generate social media interactions and automatically thank customers for their purchase, wish them good fortune with your product, and notify your team of unhappy customer interactions.

Texture Generation

Image Generation models are a great way to help your customers ideas come to life. With a little bit of pre-prompting and integration work we can make it easy for users to customize their own orders, no matter what industry you're in.

Code Assistants

While GPT-4 and many new open source models are fantastic at writing code, the most intelligent Programming Assistants today are actually LLM swarms that work together to review, document, test, commit, and deploy code like a Jr. Developer.